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Today I don’t train for competitions but I still stick to a strict training and diet plan

No Bull training “High” intense workouts is what I recommend, which entails 12 to 14 sets on large body parts (back, legs etc) and six sets on the smaller ones (triceps, biceps etc). When I am in the gym I take it seriously with no mobile phone, no chitchat as I believe if you want to win in your game you must give it your all, there is always time for talking after the gym! I train pretty fast with an example been the following front quad workout.

We would warm up first – light leg extension get the blood flowing,

1st working set, 4 plates 20 to 25 reps,

2nd working set, 5 plates for another 20 reps,

3rd working set, 6 plates for another 20 reps,

4th working set, 7 plates to failure - then dropping a plate off for the next 3 to 4 sets and again going to failure on each (max reps)!

The only rest you get is whilst your partner is doing their sets.

After this first exercise you should have a good pump, and you may feel sick! Moving onto my next exercise would be Leg Press, starting heavy and going up in weight each set but keeping the reps the same (around 20 each time).

If after all this I can still walk I go onto Smith Machine Squats for 3 set repping out to failure each time. I don’t fully extend leaving constant tension on the thigh muscles. Please try this it’s a killer!

Please note: If you are to train at this level of intensity you need to have your diet and supplementation bang on to feed the muscle during the rest period. You have got to remember that Nutrition is the most important part of bodybuilding!

If you feel like you can train hard you need to get in touch with Neil Hill, his training is sick, just ask Zack Khan! Please see photos to the right from a recent leg session with Neil and Zack with lens man being Giles Thomas. - That was one hard session!!.

All the best, Jamie Manuel

Jamie Manuels recomended weekly training rota

Monday: Chest &Triceps

Tuesday: Back and Biceps

Wensday: Day of rest no gym

Thursday: Sholders, Hamstrings and Calfs

Friday: Legs, big day!

Saturday: Day of rest no gym

Sunday: Day of rest no gym

** I fit Adominals and cardio in when ever possibe.

Leg session with Zach Kahn & Neil Hill...

Below is a video of my good friend Neil Hill training legs how I believe it should be done! There's nought wrong with being sick in the gym! There are many good bodybuilding videos on YouTube, you should take a look!