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I am now available as a personal trainer and specialise in contest preparation and gaining lean muscle

Due to a number of serious injuries I have received over the years, I am no longer able to compete. However this has driven me on to helping others reach their bodybuilding goals.

I have helped some of the country’s top bodybuilders and believe I have the knowledge and patience to help anyone to get into shape. Its not just bodybuilders that can benefit from my 25 years in the health and fitness industry. I help boxers, rugby & football players, pole dancers on a regular basis, and basically anyone who wants to get into shape or progress at their chosen sport.

I don’t really have a set strategy when it comes to giving advice, as I much prefer to tailor a program depending on the clients needs.

Jamie Manuel

test image Client: Matthew N Plays various sport to a semi professional level.

Brief: Matt wanted to strip what fat he had and gain some lean muscle before a trip abroad. Matt played various sports and needed to keep his stamina and speed. Originally Matt was worried that training to gain muscles would slow his reaction down which he needed for his other sports.

Response: I personally trained with Matt to make sure he knew how to follow his new routine and was able to push him to the max. I revised Matt's diet so he still had energy to play his other sports whilst still reducing his calorie in take which help looses 15lb of fat in a short period.

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